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Michelle Miller Howard
Independent Reviews
— Excerpts and links

Karen Andreola has written a wonderful review of TruthQuest History for Christian Book Distributors.

To read Mrs. Andreola's comments, please follow the link. The same Review can be seen under any of our several guides at CBD's site, so you may switch to the TQH title of interest, and still find Mrs. Andreola's comments.
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

HEDUA; Review of TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution III, by Anne Campbell.

"My favorite thing about TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution III is that it in itself has become the "spine" of our curriculum. I chose the time period of this guide for my high school student, but once I spent some time with it, I decided to use it with all three of my children. We have based the rest of our studies on this guide..."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Cathy Duffy chose TruthQuest History as a "Top Pick!"

"Michelle Miller Howard introduces [each] topic with background information in a lively, informal, conversational style... A unique aspect of TruthQuest History is a primary focus on the central questions of life: Who is God, and who is man in relation to God? How different people and civilizations answer these questions is reflected in the way they live and the choices they make."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Laurie Bluedorn and Karen Glass at Trivium Pursuit Online.

Laurie Bluedorn: "I wish I had had these when my children were young... I love the cautions that Michelle gives us. At numerous points she suggests that we be careful in our study of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilization... I want to say 'Amen' to what Karen Glass has written..."

Karen Glass: "This is probably the single finest history resource available to the homeschooler... The guide is not full of hands-on projects or busy-work, but contains commentary that is written to the student... In my opinion, no matter what curriculum or resources you are using with your children, the TruthQuest History guides make a wonderful supplement for the parent. Would it be worth $20 and an evening or two of reading for you to get an overview of a time period, and have a deeper grasp of what your children could be learning and looking for as you work through your material? You will get a quick overview of time period, but more importantly, a deeper look at the principles and ideas that fueled the events. And TruthQuest History guides are so easy to read – like a friend chatting over coffee and donuts – that your introduction into philosophy will be virtually painless..."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

The Old SchoolhouseMagazine, reviewed by Nancy K. Baetz.

"History is not such a mysterious subject when you have a compass to go by. Michelle Miller Howard has created a fabulous resource for those of us who were muddling about in the dark, and the really wonderful thing about this resource is that it brings the light, meaning of course, God, into the picture... At the beginning, Michelle dispels all the worries of parents who aren't sure how to go about it...This is one resource that will bless you Charlotte Mason devotees and Classical homeschoolers alike, not to mention you Unit Study moms and dads out there! ...The sheer volume of information is amazing - and even more so to me since many of the events described... were not part of my early education! ...This is not force-fed textbook boring--it's comprehensive and thought provoking and reads in a fresh, lively way... Her material is anything but dry and is dripping with a wealth of information..."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

The Old SchoolhouseMagazine, reviewed by Lesley Wotton.

"I was so excited to be able to review TruthQuest History....When I first got the copy, I read it all from cover to cover.....I realized that this is not an ordinary curriculum. This is not a to-do list of books that you MUST read. This is more of a work of art....The students are drawn into a whole new way of learning and grasping God's hand in history. Our family has truly enjoyed this way of learning and we will continue using these guides. This is not your typical schoolwork and the deep learning that takes place is wonderful."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

The Old SchoolhouseMagazine, reviewed by Tammi Dearing.

"Whether you use a box curriculum, unit studies, living books, or a combination of several teaching methods, I propose adding TruthQuest History to your teaching library... Now you may ask, 'I already like what we are doing for history, how would this be helpful to me?' This is also a good question. Miss Miller has done all the work for you, [it] is ordered chronologically and is very thorough, so you needn't worry about gaps."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

TEACH Magazine reviewed by Melissa Swank.

"Picking up this guide midway through our study of the Middle Ages, I found that Mrs. Miller's commentaries pulled together all of the things we'd studied very effectively. But more than that, she provided the Biblical viewpoint that had been sorely missing and that I’d long hoped to find."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth; reviewed by Sandra and Kristie.

"...When I first read the intro on the TruthQuest History website I thought, 'This is a lot of hype; it can't be that good!' Well... it is that good!!!... The reading lists are quite extensive, which made choosing a book easy. The info in the guide made every book the right book because we had the right perspective from which to read the book."

"...Although this is not a lesson plan or a schedule, it is easier to use than other programs we tried that had those... Hope that helps anyone struggling to find a meaty program [with] readers that don't love to read, NOT YET anyway."

(Please note that one review mentions the difficulty in finding recommended books at the local library, but we are happy to announce that our guides have been revised to include many more current books. Also, it is not intended that one find 'all' the books, only one or two from each list.)
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Home School Enrichment Magazine reviewed by Betsy Lawrence.

"I am a wee bit jealous of all you younger moms... because my time is running out to use this amazing history course! I wish I had known about TruthQuest History several years ago. Author Michelle Miller Howard takes a very unique approach to the study of history. First and foremost, her philosophy on teaching history is rare. It stems from her belief that 'mankind is not the prime force in the universe... God is.'"
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Ambleside Online cites TruthQuest History

Ambleside Online cites TruthQuest History as a useful resource for Charlotte Mason families in many locations.
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Eclectic Homeschool Online; review of TruthQuest History: Middle Ages by Jean Hall.

"I knew this was going to be something special as I began to read the introduction... [My friend] picked up one of the TruthQuest History guides, opened it and began to read. 'This looks promising,' she said. A moment later she laughed and began to read aloud. I listened in delight... 'I thought this was [only] a booklist,' I said, taking the book from her. Further investigation showed that... each section contains a thoughtfully written and thought-provoking introduction in a conversational style that sets you at ease and seeks to kindle a fire of 'interest.'... If this were a garden, the profusion of blooms might be bewildering until you noticed the careful organization, and helpful and informative signposts sprinkled throughout. This is not just a booklist; it is a complete course of study!"
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Eclectic Homeschool Online; Review of TruthQuest History: American History for Young Students I  by Jean Hall.

"I struggled with history all through my school years. It was the most dry, boring, painful subject I could think of... Michelle Miller Howard obviously loves history, and she breathes enthusiasm into this guide to early American history for younger students... Such a wealth of information! I see many 'old friends' in the booklists, and others just begging to make my acquaintance... but this is much more than a booklist... Each section contains a thoughtfully written and thought-provoking introduction in a conversational style that sets you at ease and seeks to kindle a fire of 'interest.' Then follows a list of books related to the historical period covered in the section... In addition to taking in information, students are also encouraged to internalize concepts and express their understanding in their own words through 'ThinkWrite™' exercises sprinkled throughout the text... Throughout the guide the student is brought back to the precept that history is God's story... "

Additional EHO reviews can be found at:
TruthQuest History: Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece
TruthQuest History: Ancient Rome
TruthQuest History: Renaissance, Reformation and Age of Exploration
TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution I (America/Europe 1600-1800)

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Karen Glass formerly of Ambleside Online advisory, on various online loops

"If you want children whose minds are awake and alive to the most vital issues of life (which is what philosophy is about), I don't think you will find anything on the market that will do what TruthQuest History does. I have read a few books that were intended to introduce philosophy to children, and none of them succeeded as well as looking at history through the TQH lens. Holding the Bible up as the absolute standard for truth, and at the same time, encouraging children to ask questions and think about different possible answers – and then to look at the results of the answers in history – is some of the most valuable intellectual training you can give them (and yourself!) TruthQuest History teaches children to ask two basic questions, and to evaluate the answers in light of Scripture. I have been truly impressed with the depth of thinking that this awakens in my children, and my personal studies have shown me that this is the foundation of philosophy: Who is God? Who is Man? (Sometimes--most times!--others ask those questions in reverse order.)"

"I took one look at my 'Ancient Egypt/Ancient Greece' guide from TruthQuest History and became a convert for life. [Other materials] are okay, even good. But TruthQuest History is better.and I'm not a fan of curriculum, usually. I really do consider TruthQuest History to be the finest history resource available to homeschoolers. These are top-notch. Although I have no concrete evidence to this effect, I have a hunch that if Charlotte Mason sent out teacher's manuals with her term materials, they might have resembled these guides. I love having the framework, the succinct comments that tie everything together from a Christian perspective, the reminder to think deeply and seriously about what we read, and the freedom to use whatever books are available. Yes, TruthQuest History has the advantage of not being tied to any particular books. The content in the TQH guide will focus your attention on the important issues, even if you use completely different books."

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Kerry Beck of Curriculum Connection

"Another history curriculum some of you will say!!! That's what I thought last fall when I first heard of TruthQuest History... I decided to order some of their history guides and see what all the talk was about…and I'm thrilled that I did."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Christina Gunn of TOS Review Crew

"I might as well go ahead and say that history was on the bottom of my list. I just never saw the point of memorizing dates and names... until I happened upon Michelle's intriguing website. It helped me realize that my idea of history was wrong. Now, I was seeing a bright and beautiful world standing before me! I was truly overjoyed that my children would be spared the boring (dead) details and would be learning HIStory in a 'real' way that they could be excited about.

We had covered most of Egypt using [a different curriculum], but I was dancing on eggshells trying to tie it all together. When we had the opportunity to use TruthQuest History, I was thrilled that it tied it all together better than I could have imagined.

The author says, ‘You won't need any tests to show that your kids are learning: they'll be living what they learn, playing what they learn, talking what they learn, and praying what they learn!’ When I read this, I almost got tears in my eyes. These are the very criteria that I use to choose learning material for my kids!

Your history program and philosophy are truly outstanding."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Stacie Carlson of TOS Review Crew

"I love the concept of the TruthQuest guides. I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with other history programs, great as they may be, mainly because there are so many things to do as options and more planning to be done... TruthQuest History... guides free the teacher and her children to enjoy learning history through the many suggested book choices without all the 'extras.' [TQH] is making me reconsider some of the choices I have made regarding our history path... This is a terrific choice all on its own."

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Britta McColl of MorningStar Learning

"I really like Michelle Miller Howard's commentary. She has put into words some of my lingering thoughts or doubts about how American History and/or World History has been traditionally presented. As well, Michelle brings to light many fresh ideas and facts that I never knew or considered. She brings God's sovereign hand into all of history in such a down-to-earth, yet very articulate manner. Of course, Michelle acknowledges that no one on earth knows the absolute mind of God, but in each section of the commentary gives thoughts and ideas on how God may have been working in this period of history."
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Lea Ann Garfias, columnist, blogger, and reviewer, wrote:

"At long last, I can stop searching for my ideal history curriculum. I've found it. TruthQuest History."

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Pebblekeepers blog, by Angie Wright.

"...The questions start shooting out from both boys... We started with History: What is it? I sort of had a cheat because of reading the teacher's section of TruthQuest History. The guys came up with a basic response of "The study of mankind and events in the past." I prefer the definition from TQH. – History is learning about “God’s Initiation and our Response..."

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Reviewed by Sophie, an eight-year-old

Letter from Sophie

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Cynthia West of Curriculum Choice:

"What's taken me so long to try TruthQuest History???  I have had the mistaken impression that TruthQuest guides were only glorified book lists that I could develop myself… I now have the "missing ingredient" I've been searching for…Michelle Miller Howard's writing style is living itself -  sometimes humorous, sometimes tongue in cheek, always interesting..."

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Mrs. Zweig of Mar'ah Blog:

"Michelle Miller Howard has one of the most ingenious approaches to teaching history.  The student is not bombarded with facts and dates, rather this approach makes history come alive where the student will want to eat, sleep, and dream about history…"

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Christa has written a wonderful review of TruthQuest History for Molding Minds.

“Whether you use this as your core history curriculum, or as a supplement to the spine you are using now, I believe you will find great value in its pages. TruthQuest has outdone themselves and I'm so pleased to have found such a rich resource!”

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

Missy has written a wonderful review of TruthQuest History for Our Neck of he Woods.

“I enjoy reading, so I like the idea of living books. But I also like structure. Enter TruthQuest History.”
Christian Curriculum God's Truth

God's Love
Christian Curriculum