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TruthQuest History
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Michelle Miller Howard
TruthQuest History Families Share

Welcome! We invite you to enjoy this glimpse into a 'Day in the Life' of a TruthQuest History family, and to see how they plan, schedule, and answer other questions. Please note, however, that we strongly urge you to first read the foundational information on our How to Use page.

This is but a small sampling of the wealth of ideas shared on our online discussion group. To join, send an email to: Once at our group, click on Messages, and use the Search box to seek more information on your topic of interest.

Rule Left God's Law

Q&A with the author, Michelle Miller Howard

Q. What, in a nutshell, is the purpose of TruthQuest History?
A. To help students know God more personally by seeing throughout history that His ways are best and produce the highest level of freedom, human worth, and blessing in any nation....and for the students to impact our societies with their grasp of these profound truths as they apply to government, economics, justice, the arts, the church, etc. Gaining knowledge about history (which alone 'puffs up') is not the goal; rather we seek the spiritual cause-and-effect lessons of history which teach godly wisdom.
Q. Do I read the commentaries to my children just as they appear in the book?
A. That is usually easiest for you. You don't have to 'redo' anything. Let TruthQuest History do the work. You have plenty else to do, right?!
Q. Is it best to pick one book from each section? Is it sometimes better to go with a lower level book if you don't want to dwell on it or have covered it before?
A. Yes, it is usually best to pick just one (or two, for greater dimension) from each section. I used a lot of 'easier' books with my own children when we wanted to cover extra topics or were revisiting something. For example, they might read an at-age book about the Lewis & Clark expedition, but an easier (and therefore quicker) book about Lewis & Clark's servant, York, or their famed dog. These are fascinating topics, but you wouldn't want an 11th-grader spending a week of his precious time reading an adult-level book about one famous dog. See? You get to pick and choose. It's a smorgasbord. We try to provide a main course of wonderful reading, and yummy 'side dishes' too.
Q. How do you determine which books to read together and which to assign to the students?
A. There is no formula. God will lead you on behalf of your children. He knows all that He has called you to do, and how your time should be spent. He knows what your children need to know and He knows how your relationship with them can be enhanced. Don't forget that Daddy can contribute much to any read-aloud goals after meals, during the evening, or at bedtime. Learning doesn't just happen during 'school hours!'
Q. I'm afraid it will be hard to find the books recommended in the guides.
A. I beg you, don't feel daunted by learning history with your children. In fact, your tender heart is a great asset to them. Don't lose it in a flurry of worry over what books to get. You see, specifics aren't the concern when you're educating children as young as yours. What they need is a calm mother with a hunger for learning, and warm cuddly arms for enjoying reading together while snuggled on the sofa. Just go to your library's database (which may be online) and search it for a couple minutes for the recommended titles. If you find one, great! You're all set. Enjoy it, and don't worry about whether another one might have been better. If your library doesn't have any of the recommended books, just search for books on the same topic and happily make do. Maybe next time you'll hit one of the great authors, or maybe your replacement will be a new gem. Who knows?! But just don't worry about it. Remember, the time on the sofa is still sweet and your arms are still cuddly whether you're reading a book by Mr. X or Mrs. Y. With TruthQuest History, you're not doing a curriculum, you're doing learning…something God created us to naturally enjoy. And all good books immerse you and your children in their passion!

As long as you're reading something, as long as learning is elevated, as long as you're talking and praying about what you're learning as you move ever forward through the guides, you can't fail! So be at peace, dear sister. You're having a lovely 'boating trip' with your children on the God-revealing seas of learning. He will gently puff on your sails in love, and tenderness too. Enjoy the ride with your dear ones!
"I just had to share a funny story! Four of our kids, ages 11-15, were playing cards at the table, while my husband and I were relaxing in the next room. We heard some rather heated debate from the other room. Lo and behold, they were arguing about Renaissance worldview! Seriously, they were rather loudly discussing whether or not the Renaissance artists believed that man and God were equal! Yes, they are in the midst of finishing ThinkWrite 3..."
– D.Z., Iowa  
God's Love
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