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TruthQuest History
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Jesus Christ

Michelle Miller Howard

Thank you for sharing TruthQuest History with your "sphere of influence." You will be taking its deeply spiritual probings to many more young people!

Due to our smaller scale, our materials are still very costly to produce relative to our prices, so we can only offer a small commission (12%) at this time. But to help offset that, we can offer a mega-length cookie (10 years), so that your referrals have a decade to convert to sales!

We can offer you "giveaways" at various times. If you have a special event underway—a blog contest or a Facebook party, for example—feel free to let us know, and we will try to offer you some gift certificates toward TQH purchases.

Our affiliate sign-up link is here:

There are banners, text ads, and even a PDF of our print catalog available on the affiliate server, so feel free to use those materials at will. We hope they help bring you great rewards, as we together serve the young learners who are so important to the future!

In Him,

Michelle Miller Howard
TruthQuest History
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