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Michelle Miller Howard
About the Author
Michelle Miller Howard

Michelle Miller Howard
Bachelor of Arts
summa cum laude

Michelle is a veteran homeschooler, author, columnist, speaker, consultant, and founder/operator of two large "living books" libraries, rich resources for both areas ( in Michigan & in Florida). TruthQuest History was born from her own yearning to teach deep truth through history to her children, and from her work with the many families who learn through her libraries. She is available to give private consultations on implementing TQH for a family's unique children, or other home-education issues, and she also aids those founding "living book" libraries, or wanting access to her "living books" database, at Michelle's children are now grown, but she has seven cute grandsons!

homeschool Christianity

Mission Statement

Parents, think back on your years as a student in history class. There was one focus: human actions... so we assumed history was the "story of humankind." Though we eschew humanism, we can unknowingly teach history to our children as we were taught. We look only at the people of yesteryear. Is it any wonder history seems so futile and fruitless, so past-oriented, insignificant, and weak?

Since nothing began without the Lord God, history is actually the mighty story of what He has initiated, revealed about Himself, and said to be true. People are not the makers of history, He is. God initiates and people respond... thus history happens.

This huge difference transforms the deepest nature of your history study. It impresses your children with the involvement and impact of God above that of people. History becomes a convincing demonstration of His nature, power, and love. Truth-revealing history is no mere recitation of the past, but prepares for the present and future! It is the mission of TruthQuest History to provide deep daily support and freeing direction in that great endeavor!

God initiates > People respond > History happens.

homeschool Christianity

Statement of Faith

The triune God is supreme Lord. As Father, He actively governs His creation. The Lord Jesus Christ is the sinless, divine Son of God, who was miraculously born of a virgin, who died on the cross so that His perfect blood would pay the price for our sins, who rose again on the third day in victory over death and sin, and who now sits at the right hand of the Father. The Holy Spirit continues to teach, convict, comfort, and empower us to live in Him. Because we are all sinful and deserving of eternal death in Hell, our only hope of salvation is to receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, by faith, not works. This is clearly stated in the Bible, which is the inspired, infallible Word of God.

TruthQuest History is deeply Christian, but it trumpets the basics of the faith and allows families to teach their own individual views on issues such as predestination, eschatology, etc.

Holy Spirit Statement of Faith

Particular Issues

We are often asked about our stand on particular issues (beyond the unshakeable and surpassing matters we happily address in out Statement of Faith, such as the absolute supremacy of God, divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, and inerrancy of the Bible.)

Common questions are these:

  • Do we believe that Christ's return will be pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, or post tribulation?
  • Do we believe America "replaced" Israel?
  • Do we believe particular denominations trace directly back to Jesus' disciples?
  • Do we only use the King James Bible, or do we ever use it?
  • Do we believe in eternal security?
  • Are we pro-"North" or pro-"South?"
  • Are we Arminian or Reformed?
  • Are we Catholic or Protestant?
  • Are we "young earth" or "old earth?"

Our answer to all these questions is three-fold:

1) It doesn't matter what TQH thinks, because we are not dictating theology in TruthQuest History. On the contrary, our focus is on Him, not on our own ideas. It is all about the Lord! We want to find out what He has to say!

2) It doesn't matter what TQH thinks for another reason: we do not wish to "dictate" Truth ourselves, for only He can do that! Rather, we seek to assist you in organizing and energizing your own journey into God's truth as it has been on display over the millennia of history. You will be at the helm; you will be teaching your children whatever theology you believe matches up with Biblical truth. We do not attempt to usurp your parental authority.

3) It doesn't matter what TQH thinks for yet another reason: human understanding--including our own here at TQH--of issues is always limited because people are finite. He sees the whole; we see in part. He sees clearly; we yet see through a glass darkly. We have found that many of the debates result from each party seeing true parts of the overall whole, and thus in TQH we are asking the Lord to teach us the "big picture." Thus, we don't intend to trumpet our limited, partial understanding of God-sized issues, especially while we are always asking Him to refine and grow our comprehension of Him!

We really are on a quest for His truth with you! He sees, for example, both the "Northern" point of view, and the "Southern;" He knows where each was right and where each fell short of the whole counsel of God. He was there! So, let's ask Him for as much of His whole view as we can handle! And I can give one more example, an easy one. It was, after all, the Lord God who created the earth, so let's seek Him for the dating of that event! We can go right to the source!

My focus is on one thing: getting my current thoughts to line up with His Perfect, Whole, Living, Unchanging Truth, and we do that together as TQH families.

Michelle Miller Howard
TruthQuest History

Holy Spirit Statement of Faith

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